04.04. 2017 Call for immediate release of Hengameh Shahidi

MEP Tunne Kelam calls for immediate release of  Hengameh Shahidi,  journalist, women’s rights activist and Mehdi Karroubi’s Women’s Affairs Advisor, who was illegally arrested and imprisoned in the Evin Prison on 10th of March 2017. Ms Shahidi is on her 25th day of hunger strike which the last 4th day it has been a dry hunger strike and is currently in a very critical condition. Her last contact with her family was on 1st April, when she asked her family to forgive her for any hurt she might have caused, and to consider her last words to them as her "Last Will and Testament" and to donate her body parts.

The Last Will and Testament of Hengameh Shahidi:

"I am on my 24th day of hunger strike without food and medicine, and over the last few days, I have stopped drinking altogether which includes even water or tea. I ask everyone to forgive me, wear a white dress and to sing the famous song of Morgh-e Sahar (Bird of the Dawn) for me. I have also written a two-page last Will and Testament, which I have given to my interrogators and have asked them to give it to my family.

Also, as I have not had the opportunity to obtain an organ donation card, if after my death any of my organs can be of a benefit to anyone please donate them. If my body spends its last day in this prison or in a mortuary, then the act of donating my organs falls to the authorities such as the Prosecutor, the Judiciary, and the Ministry of Intelligence or the President.

I have nothing to lose anymore and I have not committed any crimes. If I die, no criminal charges can be levied against me as I have done nothing and therefore, I do not accept any charges. When someone is to be executed on charges of murder, and is sitting on a death row, he/she is always allowed to meet his/her family; but I, not being guilty of any crime, am deprived of even this simple right, as I am not allowed to see my family. Alas, I will no longer even ask to see my family, as I do not think I will be alive much longer.

I can no longer hear anything, and no one is even allowed to attend to me or to see me from the prison's infirmary. My heart is also not in a good condition and I am no longer capable of walking; I can only move myself by crawling in my prison cell. I do not think I have more than 4 or 5 days to live, and I have already told what I have just shared with you to my interrogators in the Evin Prison.

I simply ask for forgiveness from all my friends and family.”