15.09. 2010 Baltic MEPs Address Marine Eco-Crisis

MEPs pledged to bring up Baltic Sea environmental issues at the plenary of the European Parliament. Topics included pollution, as well as the possible impact of submerged chemical weapons, the Nord Stream pipeline and the Kaliningrad oil rig.

On September 14, the new parliamentary season's first session of the Baltic Europe Intergroup - a group uniting MEPs from several Baltic Sea countries - discussed the current environmental situation and fish stocks. Presentations were held by MEP Isabella Lövin from Sweden, and Katarina Veem from the Baltic Sea 2020 foundation.

According to Veem, the flow of fertilizers and nutrients into the sea will continue for years to come, despite restrictions limiting their use. A sharp decline in the numbers of cod and other predator fish is increasing the proliferation of algae and deteriorating environmental quality.

Intergroup Chairman Tunne Kelam, who described the situation as critical, proposed to take the discussion of Baltic Sea environmental issues to the plenary of the European Parliament, in the form of a question addressed to the European Commission. The proposal was supported by the members present.

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