21.04. 2016 Council, hurry up with data protection package!

Tunne Kelam MEP on Data protection package, debate on the results of the European Council, March 9, 2016

Tunne Kelam MEP turned to the Dutch Presidency (Minister Hennis-Plasschaert) on the need of finalization by the Council of the data protection package:

Your predecessor, the Luxembourg Government, promised to achieve tripartite agreement on the data protection package by December 2015, and they kept their promise.  Therefore, we expect no dragging of feet under the Dutch presidency to formally finalize the package by the Council.

It is urgent, because all practical measures of implementation of data protection package will be delayed over the summer break, if the Council will not decide very soon.  The issue is directly linked to the development of the EU digital single market.

Even worse, the PNR package, which is urgently needed in the interests of better protection of the EU citizens, has reached a blind alley in the European Parliament because some political groups link the decision on PNR directly with the finalizing of the data protection package.

Please, Council, get a move on!  Hurry up!